Sunday, April 6, 2014

Midnight Promise: A Sophisticated Fragrance

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future," said Coco Channel. Spoken like a perfume designer, yes? Nevertheless, I love perfume. It's been part of my daily styling for 30+ years. I don't feel completely dressed without a splash of something. However, since turning 50, my tastes in perfume has changed. For years, my two favorite fragrances were Opium and Fendi. I wore them constantly. Then, suddenly, I turned 50 and those lovely perfumes were overwhelming. Instead of feeling like I was wearing a hint of an exotic fragrance, I felt submerged. It didn't matter how sparingly I applied them. Hence, I began a quest to find one or two new sophisticated, but subtle fragrances. During the past several years, I have tried countless new perfumes, but haven't found one I'm ready to call my signature perfume. Recently, the folks at Bellegance Perfumes asked if I'd like to try their new fragrance, Midnight Promise. Naturally, I said yes. The fragrance arrived in the mail a week ago and I've been wearing it every day. Here's my review...

Like most things in fashion, choosing a fragrance is a matter of personal taste. In my quest for a new fragrance, I am looking for a scent that is sophisticated and subtle. I wear perfume for myself, not for others. A beautiful fragrance on my skin is calming; it makes me feel confident and feminine. A fragrance with a touch of floral or citrus is alright, but I prefer subtle earthy notes, such as amber, musk or a hint of spice. If your perfume preference is similar to mine, I highly recommend you try Midnight Promise. The new fragrance, which was inspired by Moroccan gardens, features:
Top notes: red mandarin, cinnamon
Heart notes: Moroccan red rose
Base notes: amber, incense, oak moss, soft patchouli, fresh vetiver, vanilla musk, and sandalwood

The overall effect is a perfume with a lovely, sheer character--not the least bit overwhelming. It's a light, elegant scent. According to the folks at Bellegance Perfumes, the fragrance was created for "a woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life." I think that pretty much defines the over 50 woman.

Midnight Promise, Bellegance Perfume’s first fragrance, was created by perfumer Sarah Horowitz and fragrance designer Karen Dubin. The company, which is run by a group of women, "is celebration of women—their confidence, resilience, elegance, and strength," according to its website.

Midnight Promise, which is bottled and manufactured in France, is available for sale online now and will be in retail stores shortly. The price is $95 for a 2.5 ounce bottle. To learn more about the perfume or to order a sample of Midnight Promise, visit the Bellegance Perfumes website.