Sunday, April 6, 2014

Upbeat Outwear for April Showers or...Sunshine

Bright color rain coats for women over 50

My waking thought this morning was: "If I have to wear my black puffy down winter coat to the city today, I think I'll scream." I'm happy to report it was a beautiful day, warm enough to wear a spring coat (above). No other garment in my closet says "spring has arrived!" quite like my colorful rain-or-shine spring coats. Whether I'm visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as I did today, or running errands around town, I feel energized and happy in a bright-colored spring coat. It's an upbeat look that's always flattering for women over 50.

bright color trench coats for women over 50

When shopping for a colorful spring coat, there are two things I keep in mind:

1) Choose a style you really love.
2) Choose a flattering color

Okay, I guess that sounds obvious. However, a spring coat tends to be long-lasting piece. Unlike a winter coat, the spring coat is only worn for a month or two a year. Hence, it often looks good for years. In addition to my blue Ann Taylor spring coat, which I've been wearing for many years, I have a red trench (above) that's two years old. Both coats are classic styles, so I haven't had to worry about them going out of style. Plus, red is a flattering color for me; a red trench is a no-brainer. If red or bright blue are flattering colors for you, take a peek at this DKNY Trench Coat (Online Only)'s a Women's Regular Harbor Trench Coat - Chesapeake Blue. I love this blue! It's also available in green.

Women's Regular Harbor Trench Coat - Chesapeake Blue

And for anyone who looks smashing in purple, here's a London Fog Heritage Trench with Detachable Liner (Plus Size)