Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fashion Over 50: Romney Style

Where do your wardrobe ideas come from? Clearly, most fashion magazines aren’t geared to the over 50 fashion-minded, though they try with their “Fashion at Any Age” issues once a year. If you live in or near a densely populated area—say New York City—you can get lots of ideas just looking around you. I'm often inspired by street fashion. But I also get plenty of fashion ideas from the over 50 women I see on television or in photos in the newspaper and non-fashion magazines.

Lately, the media has seized upon what Ann Romney, 63, is wearing on the campaign trail. Unlike Michelle Obama, who uses a style consultant, Ann Romney reportedly dresses herself. I can’t say I love everything I've seen Ann wear. (That $1000 bird T-shirt was not my taste.) But I do love the fact that many of her outfits are unstuffy, yet age-appropriate. She looks great when she mixes simple color-coordinated prints or wears a bright-colored wrap dress. But see for yourself at the Ann Romney fashion slideshow on the New York Times website. I'm looking forward to checking out her fashion choices between now and November. For more slide shows of Ann's fashion, click "Read More"

More Ann Romney Fashion
Here are a couple of other recent slide shows of Ann's wardrobe...

Dressing to Stump: Ann Romney's Campaign Style is a slide show on New York Magazine's website.

Ann Romney Campaigns in Florida is slide show in a Huffington Post Style article. Scroll down the page to find it.

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