Thursday, June 7, 2012

Parisian Style: Grey Hair Everywhere

During my recent trip to Paris, I was struck by the number of women over 50 with grey hair. It was, perhaps, my most surprising Paris style observation. If asked to give a number, I would say 20% of the over 50 Frenchwomen I saw had natural, dye-free hair. Now, you might think: Well, with the volume of people in a city, it would stand to reason that there would be lots of women with grey hair…as well as lots of women with dyed hair. But I’m in New York City at least a half-dozen times a month and I don’t see many grey-haired women—not anywhere near 20%. The thing that surprised me most about this grey hair trend was it looked good on most of the Frenchwomen. Why? I think these women had two things going for them: 1) great haircuts that flattered their faces and 2) a stylish outfit. Perhaps, their makeup helped as well. Click “read more” to see a few examples.

When it comes to going grey, Parisian woman don't seem to favor one hairstyle over another. I saw women over 50 looking smashing in all length, including some with grey hair well below their shoulders. Most women with longer hair, however, kept it trimmed at their shoulders, like the two women in the photo at the top of this post. Here's a few more examples of...




And finally...a Frenchwoman in a hurry on a street in Montefort. I couldn't get a good shot of her hair, but I like the scene and decided to include it. "Au revoir, Frenchwoman!"