Monday, June 25, 2012

Over 50 Arms: The Lace Solution

The weather during my recent Paris-Amsterdam vacation was fabulous--blue skies and in the low 80s--every day. There was no need for a light jacket or even a sweater. One day, I noticed an over 50 woman in a neutral-colored shell top and skirt. She wore an open lace blouse over the shell. I thought: "What a great idea for warm weather!"

I know from talking to my over 50 girlfriends and reading the recent responses to my Giveaway Question: "Are You Alarmed About Your Arms?" that many woman over 50 aren't really comfortable in sleeveless tops. But who wants to wear a sweater or blazer in warm weather? A light, lace blouse seems like a great solution. It's feminine and offers arm coverage without weight or bulk. I was dying to try it myself. Click "read more" to continue...

After a few days of poking around Paris boutiques, I found a black lace blouse. When my husband and I went to Amsterdam, the evenings were cool and I wore my new lace top over a sleeveless dress. My husband snapped the photo of me modeling the look at the top of this post. Below is a close up shot of the lace on me--the oh so reluctant model. Oh well, hopefully, you'll get the idea. I've also worn the top over a black camisole with a skirt. I'm really loving it!

Where to Shop...

I'm glad I found a lace blouse in Paris, because I'm not seeing anything quite like it online. (I'd love to get a cream-colored one for my light-colored summer dresses.) If you find any, let me know. I did, however, find a bunch of lace, crocheted or loose knit sweaters. They're also a nice, lightweight cover for over 50 arms Take, for instance, this Joie Elvia Back Button Lace Top from Shopbop. I love the elbow-length sleeves and the soft, feminine neckline. I think the navy top would look lovely over a black sheath or over a black camisole and with a skirt.

Joie Elvia Back Button Lace Top