Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giveaway Winners: Secrets to Looking Good Over 50

The latest Flattering50 Giveaway has ended and three participants have each received a $25 e-gift certificate. For the Giveaway, readers were asked: What's Your Secret to Looking Good Over 50? I loved all the responses! Comments ranged from exercise and skin care regimens to the basic, but absolutely vital tip: "Laughing." To view all the responses, visit the Giveaway post. To read the randomly chosen winning responses, click "Read More" below...


Weight training is the secret underlying everything else I do. Having avoided gyms all my life, I resorted to weight training in order to avoid surgery and be able to walk without pain. It worked, but a spectacular side benefit was my improved shape, reduced size, and increased energy. I look better at 50 than I have since my thirties. Three to 30 pound weights can do wonders for arms, legs, and the old spare tire!

At 58, the most powerful weapon in my arsenal is my Clarisonic skin cleansing brush. The second in command is Green Cream (available online at the Derm Store), a non-prescription version of Retin-A. They say that after using the Clarisonic your skin absorbs treatments 6x better than after manual cleansing, and I believe it. My skin looks better now than at 45,

Jessie C.
As for face, fair and clean skin with a little bit touch of tinted moisturizer, blush and gloss will do. I'm also for classic and simple dress.

THANKS A MILLION to all those who participated!!