Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas: Jewelry to Match Your Style

There are few things more rewarding in life than having a business that reflects a lifelong passion or dream. Jewelry designer Linda Hollen knows this first hand. She began learning to make jewelry when she was a child. According to her website, Linda's grandmother taught her. That experience turned into a passion. For years, Linda gave her beautiful creations to friends and family. Eventually, they convinced her to share her pieces with the world and LJ’s Distractions, Linda’s jewelry design business, was started. Today, with over 30 years of experience, Linda has created a wonderful collection of unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets. To learn more about Linda’s jewelry, click “Read More” below…

“I create jewelry using mostly silk ribbon, silver, and art glass beads,” wrote Linda in a recent email. When I read that I thought I would find a collection of similar-looking designs on her website. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Linda's designs are very diverse in color, weight and texture. Just look at the two pieces she sent for this post and I think you'll know what I mean. Linda uses only high quality beads and gemstones, which she collects from around the world. All the beaded jewelry is handcrafted; nothing is mass produced. As a result, her pieces are rarely identical.

I encourage you to take a peek at the LJ’s Distractions (The “LJ” is for Linda Jean, a nickname) website. Linda welcomes the opportunity to please her customers with designs to match any style. Linda accepts PayPal as well as all major credit cards.

Editor’s Note: I’ve now shared with you those artists who responded to my invitation to exhibit some of their lovely creations on Flattering50. I hope you will visit their sites. Meanwhile, I welcome artists who design fashions and accessories to contact me at any time, not just the holiday season. I like to support artists by promoting them on Flattering50. If you have a special  fashion-related talent, please contact me at 

Happy Thanksgiving!