Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas: Wearable Art

“I believe jewelry is wearable art and an expression of our inner essence,” says Anita Fernandez-Velazquez, the creative force behind Embellished Essence Gemstone Design. Consequently, each of Anita’s jewelry designs is one of a kind. Anita responded to my recent invitation to artists to share their holiday gift ideas. However, her designs are so lovely you might want to give yourself a gift as well. Click “Read More” to learn more about Anita’s jewelry and see a few other designs...

Anita uses genunine gemstones, crystals, pearls and glass to create her wearable art. Each piece features a unique combination of color and texture. I’ve include a sample of Anita’s jewelry, which ranges in price from $10-$200, but you'll find many, many more designs on her website.

The Embellished Essence Gemstone Design website also includes a photo album of women wearing her jewelry. “I recently started asking my customers to send photos of themselves wearing my jewelry for the album,” Anita says. While she sells to customers of all ages, the photo album features a lot of older women. “My younger customers don’t send me photos.”

Anita’s necklaces are generally 18-20 inches long and her bracelets are 8 inches. “I am happy to make adjustments as needed,” she says. In fact, Anita notes that many of her designs have been created from suggestions. “I LOVE to make custom orders,” she writes. “Your concept, my design—that’s the most fun for me.” Anita also stresses that she doesn’t smoke, so her jewelry never has a nicotine scent. If you’d like to contact Anita, you’ll find her email address and phone number on her site.

In addition to creating gifts for holidays, birthdays and anniversary, Anita also designs for gifts for bridal parties and favors. As she says on her website, “Life is too short to wear department store jewelry.” I agree!!