Monday, January 17, 2011

Are You A Carnivore? Herbivore? Polyvore?

I’m always searching the media—online, in print—to learn about new trends and developments in the fashion world to write about in my blog. I’ve been reading and hearing about a site called Polyvore. Over the past three-day weekend, I decided to check the site out for myself. Polyvore offers a “social shopping experience.” Visitors can shop by browsing current fashions in collages, known as "sets," created by Polyvore members. Or you can become a member and create your own sets of favorite fashions.

Since anyone can become a Polyvore member, I decided to join and see what it was like to create my own set. Below is my very first set--rather stripped down compared with the more experienced Polyvore "sets" makers. It was fun and easy and gave me a chance to check out lots of fashions online.

For my first "set," I collected the latest leather and lace fashions. I think I'm fond of this combination because it’s a little naughty, a little nice. Plus, it's not your ho-hum sweater and skirt or slacks. Lace and leather create a fun on-the-town look for women over 50. Styling, of course, is everything. You'll want to choose a jacket and skirt that flatters your shape. Classic styling with clean lines is preferable as well. Avoid jackets with fringe or other heavy metal embellishments, please. The skirt should also be simple and knee-length--no minis or thick layers of lace. If you have great legs, throw on a cute pair of booties. If you don't, go with tall boots. Grab a clutch bag and head out the door to paint the town. (Do people still use that expression?)

Here are my picks from the Polyvore website. And, yes, I would wear the black leather with the dark blue skirt. It's my new favorite color combination.