Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pick of the Day: Canvas Tote

Earth Axxessories Damask Canvas Tote Purple - Tote

The spring season officially began last Sunday. Unfortunately, in the Northeast, it usually takes another month before the weather feels spring like. During the first week of spring 2011, we had two days with snow showers and three days with icy rain. Every year, however, I notice a few intrepid souls, obviously at their wits end with their winter wardrobe, start to wear spring clothes at the end of March. On Monday, for example, I ran into the city to see the documentary, "Bill Cunningham New York." (Great movie!) It was an icy, rainy day, but there was a woman dressed in a long, fluttery floral skirt and floral shoes on the ticket line. She reminded me of the purple and yellow crocuses I'd seen poking through the snow the day before. It made me optimistic and shiver all at once.

Since I hate to be cold, a spring skirt in 40 degree weather is out of the question. But I can dream of warmer days. I was poking around the eBags site, looking for sale items when I stumbled upon the Earth Axxessories Damask Canvas Tote Purple - Tote at the top of this post. It's my Fashion Over 50: Pick of the Day. Isn't it lovely? I love the striking canvas design and the price tag--$30. It's available in three colors and two styles (see below). Can't you see yourself throwing a towel and book (e-book?) into this tote and heading for the beach or pool? Or packing a picnic lunch in it and going to the park?

Earth Axxessories Damask Canvas Tote Black - Tote

Earth Axxessories Damask Canvas Tote Olive - Tote